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WELCOME TO BangalorepilesclinicPET CARE

Discover the best in pet healthcare at iMedVet. Our mission is to provide top-quality medical care for your beloved pets, ensuring their well-being and happiness for generations to come.


Explore our wide range of health services and wellness programs. We're dedicated to your well-being.

Physical Therapy

Improve your health and mobility with our expert physical therapy programs. We tailor treatments to your unique needs.

Nutrition Counseling

Optimize your diet and make informed choices with our nutrition counseling services. Good health starts with good nutrition.

Diagnostic Testing

Accurate diagnostic testing is essential for effective healthcare. Trust us for reliable and precise testing solutions.

Emergency Care

We provide 24/7 emergency care services, ensuring you have access to medical assistance when you need it most.

Genetic Counseling

Discover the potential risks and benefits of genetic testing with our genetic counseling experts. Make informed decisions about your health.

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Our dedicated customer support team is available around the clock to answer your questions and provide assistance. Your well-being is our priority.









Why Choose us

At our healthcare center, we prioritize the health and well-being of your beloved pets. Our experienced veterinarians and staff are dedicated to providing the highest quality care for your furry family members.

Trusted Pet Sitters Across the Country

Our team of professional pet sitters is trusted by pet owners across the country. We ensure that your pets receive the care and attention they deserve when you're away.

What Can I Offer My Bird as a Treat?

Discover a variety of healthy treats for your feathered friends. Providing the right treats can keep your bird happy and healthy. Learn more about bird nutrition and care.

When Your Rabbit Stops Eating

If your rabbit stops eating, it can be a sign of a health issue. Learn how to identify the causes and what to do when your rabbit's appetite changes. We're here to help you with rabbit care.

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